Monday, July 30, 2007

Holly Mann Internet Marketing

Holly Mann & her eBook caught my attention at the beginning of 2007. Holly is a single mom living abroad in Thailand, originally to save money, but now by choice.

At 22, she was struggling to make ends meet with her new baby requiring most of her time and energy, so she longed to be a W.A.H.M. (work at home mom). She found a concept called affiliate marketing online and ran with it. After getting good at it, she wrote an eBook called "Honest Riches," and has now sold almost 20,000 copies. She hit a chord in the market place, especially with stay at home moms. I purchased a copy and now I am on my third reading because I like working from home as well. It is well worth the $37 price.

I have been so intrigued by the Holly Mann Internet marketing strategies and her story that I did a month of research, then created a web site showcasing her Horatio Alger biography and photograph collection.

Holly Mann did a 2 hour and forty minute interview with me & I condensed it down to two FREE audios at The first recording is 31 minutes talking about her story, then the second is more about the Holly Mann Internet Marketing strategies totalling 51 minutes.

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