Monday, October 15, 2007

Holly Mann Moves into New Dream House & Says She's Writing a New Book to Be Titled, "Honest Riches 2008"

Holly Mann, author of "Honest Riches," a beginner's guide to Internet marketing, has moved in to what she calls a dream home. A single mom at age 22, Holly moved to Thailand after giving birth to her son, Joshua Tyler Mann, so her dollars would go farther due the the favorable exchange rate. Holly was on a $700 a month disability check after a foot injury while serving in the U.S. Army.

Arriving in Thailand, she moved into a simple apartment and she began writing a book about affiliate marketing. She was at the time, a beginner to intermediate level herself, so she took a gamble when she dedicated 4 months to writing her first eBook, "Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed." Holly admits she was only making $900 a month with her Internet marketing endeavors, but she felt she could help the newbie, even if it only added a few more dollars a month to their income.

The gamble paid off. Her royalties poured in giving her a $12,000 a month income that seems to have no end. The Holly Mann story can be found at

Holly remembers having to sell her laptop in order to afford the plane tickets for both herself and Josh. Then, she bought a computer from parts once she landed in Thailand for $250. That and a slow as molasses dial up connection allowed her the chance to break through her own financial stuggle.

After selling over 20,000 ebooks since the first edition, she has announcd she is furiously working on her third edition, "Honest Riches 2008." As always, anyone who has purchased her previous editions can get the upgrade for free. Right now is a great time to buy, so one would aquire her 2007 version as well as her 2008 edition as soon as it's released for the same price. Who knows, she may have a price increase like she did between her first and second edition making it an ideal time to buy now before a likely increase.

One can see from the photographs that Holly's lifestyle has changed dramatically. Check out the Holly Mann new house photographs. Compared to her last apartment, she & Josh will be living in luxury. Many who follow in the steps of Holly Mann applaud her.

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