Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spartanburg Home Repair Contractor

I've been a landlord of residential properties for almost a decade and I wanted to tell you about a local handyman at Spartanburg Home Repair in Spartanburg, South Carolina at 864-703-4004.

I've used many contractors over the years, but there is no one that I've called more than John Runciman. He's always rushed to get over to get things done even when he has a busy schedule. I'm always surprised after he's done a great job at how small the bill is. He seems to me about 30% less than others doing the same job and I appreciate it because I think I've called him to do a job for me about 25 different occassions.

He always invests in tools. He's like Tim Allen from TV's Home Improvement show in that he has tools to fix his tools. It's rare to see such a broad variety of repairs that one man can do. John has been able to fix anything I've ever asked him to fix. So, for handyman work or home improvement, I recommend John.

John's company van says Upstate Home Repair on the panels.