Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Amazon Chooses Spartanburg SC for New Distribution Facility

Amazon has been under attack by socialist state governments like California's headed up by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown and even North Carolina to create new taxes on out of state commerce that have never been done before in America. Amazon's solution to their Soviet inspired anti-business taxation is to take their ball to pro business states like South Carolina thus destroying the government expanding tax schemes of those anti capitalist states. Ha! When California tried to do a tax grab on Amazon it backfired on the liberal legislators because not only did they lose the shakedown money, they lost the entrepreneurs and money that supported the out of state affiliate sales thereby accelerating the financial collapse of their state's empending bankruptcy.

On a national scale, when the U.S. government forces more taxation and regulations on domestic entrepreneurs, they simply go overseas creating prosperity in other countries while destroying jobs in America. Obama is the poster child for this with his raids on small farms producing raw milk and Gibson Guitar for finishing exotic woods in America. Even 8 year old girls with lemonade stands are under unprecedented attack by the Obama Administration's policies. With Obama's drive to expand government and shrink the private sector, it has become a spitting in the face of our nation's founding fathers which made America the greatest nation in the world which has now dropped to number 15 of the countries with the most freedom: http://www.worldaudit.org/democracy.htm, and we now rank in 17th place in the world for corruption. We are well on our way to becoming a third world country.

Nikki Haley doesn't support Amazon's move to California, but she hasn't stopped it. Governor Haley ran on a Tea Party platform, but now that she's in power, it looks like she's becoming just another phony politician that wants to expand government and squash the little guy. I just wrote her for a response at: Contact Nikki Haley.

By the way, it's been over two weeks since I asked about Nikki Haley's position on this matter and she nor her staff have bothered to respond to me in any way and I voted for her.

Obama and his Czars (more than Russia) are trying to block South Carolina from bringing in non union jobs at a Boeing plant. In the last 30 years, unions have destroyed manufacturing in America and forced jobs overseas. American unions want more and more benefits for producing less and less and can't compete on a world market. American unions produce inferior products and are the epidemy of fat lazy entitlement demanding Americans. Every industry they touch becomes a graveyard like Detroit, MI. I've never purchased an American car because as I teenager I noticed my classmates that had them suffered with repair bills galore while my Toyotas and Hondas just kept running nearly maintenance free. American union produced cars rattled as they chugged down the road. Their Delco radios sounded like something made in the 50s and were always missing knobs and door handles. This become obvious when Obama gave billions in bailout money to US car manufacturers while Toyota and Honda's American plants continued to thrive. Jeez, when foreign companies kick the butts of American Labor Unions on our own soil, it can't get any more obvisou that unions are like a black hole on the economy.Yet, they protest like an angry mob when you shine a light on their shame.

I was a public school teacher and I saw first hand how the main purpose of the Teachers Union was to increase their pay and reduce their teaching standards while public school grades and testing became the laughingstock of the world. Anyone that is pro Teachers Union is a selfish anti student slob that is destroying our future in America. If you support unions, you have become part of the problem, not the solution. I have never seen an exception to this rule (UPS of all the unions seems the least offensive). It makes me sick when they say that our declining scores are because we don't pay teachers enough when we pay them more than any country in the world.

The SIEU union robs disabled children who are living on the poverty level. They have no conscience, they are despicable bloodsuckers from hell. Watch how they rip off this poor family that is struggling to raise their handicapped child. They have no shame.

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