Thursday, December 20, 2007 - My Story

I had a frustrating experience with, but since they worked with me to resolve my issues, I felt comfortable removing the 2000 word posting.

Instead, I'll leave you with a few juicy bits below about how Google is chomping at the bit to destoy paid blog advertisers and the like. To read about it, check out the Matt Cutts blog, he has the inside scoop:

The big question is will Google try to destoy competitors through unfair business practices? There is a lot of evidence that they will. is a competitor of Google. There is evidence that Google is going to hurt a lot of people so they can keep their financial gravy train as if they didn't already have enough. My prediction is that Google will be hit with the same struggles that Microsoft has gone through when it comes to unfair business practices. Google will deserve everything the public and the regulators throw at them. Funny thing is, they won't change, it's inevitable as they appear to be drunk with there success and are getting wreckless.

It's like in the AdSense ads, Google was the only one that unfairly advertised their Google Checkout cart with colorful icons, everyone else had to stay with one color. When I saw that, I saw color all right....RED!

They have also started putting their Google Local before everyone else's natural listings. They are even paying people $10 per business entry to get every business in America listed. When they do, you can be sure they'll use it to control everyone to march like lemmings in lockstep.

I'll be writing a blog entry soon on exactly how Google is going to go after their competition and how & why it's going to backfire on them.

Subscribe to this blog because I'm going to be releasing a plan to fight back.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Apple Releases New Safari 3 Browser for Microsoft Windows

Browser Speed Comparisons - Apple's Safari 3 Leaves the Others in the Dust
Safari 3 browser now works with Microsoft Windows PCs! Not only does it work, but browsing is twice as fast as Microsoft's IE 7 browser. I just downloaded it and it's amazing how much faster pages pop up when surfing. It takes about 3 minutes to download a free copy, so why not check it out. One can have several browsers on their PC at the same time with no confict.

Also, the highly regarded Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta is available now as well for Windows, Macs and Linux based systems. This browser gets more praise than does the IE 7 browser, though I must admit the IE 7 browser is much more stable than any of their previos releases. Why not try them all. At least use Safari 3 for faster browsing and IE 7 when you're doing your banking as some financial portals insist you use IE 7 to do your transactions.

A couple of years ago, I might have recommended Opera browsers, but since they're the slowest of the top browsers, I can't see any reason you'd want to use it. It is a very clean browser, but too slow.

Go ahead and try a new browser, they are all free downloads.

Download the Safari browser click here.

Update: I have been using 4 browsers:

1. Opera
2. IE 7
3. Firefox
4. Safari

Safari may be fast but it makes some pages look odd, so in spite of the fact I was enthusiatic about it working with Window, I still think it's going to take more time before it displays a page as consistently as IE 7.

Firefox is great, I use it when I want the best security. For general surfing, I still use the IE 7 browser. I wanted to get away from it because it's a Microsoft product and I don't trust Microsoft with security, but IE 7 is leaps ahead of IE 6. So, my hat is off to Microsoft to my surprise.

New Thoughts: I've now been using the Safari browser for a few months now after I had written the announcements above. I prefer both the IE7, IE8 Beta and the Firefox over the Safari. The reason is that the browser rearranges the elements on many webpages making things confusing. For example, photos will appear on top of written words, as where, the page displays properly on the other browsers.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Deep Web Links Directory of America- Submit Your Sites Today is human edited web links directory to create traffic and page rank for your website by providing quality backlinks to your homepage and 5 deep links. The directory features a bid for position auction and permanent links with social bookmarklets to boost your website's buzz.

read more digg story

Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Business Web Links Directory with 5 Deep Links and Social Bookmarking Feature

A friend of mine, Kurt Poser (shown here with his wife, Susan and son, Nick), and I launched a brand new human edited web links directory this week. The directory has many cutting edge features like a links bid auction for better visability, traffic and page rank. To create viral buzz for your site, we have included the major social bookmarkers right beside your anchored text link listing.

We have secured the domain names for every state & major city in the United States and every major country that trades with America. We will be bringing those directories on line in the near future as well. Those new directories will be announced on the blog.
Many will be reassured to know that we accept up to 5 deep links. A normal link would be and deep link would be

Come and put your site up on the Business Directory of America. We will be getting tons of backlinks creating high page rank and traffic to boost your website's visability, so add your website to the directory today.

One Man's Blog Stops NBC

One man's blog brought NBC to it's knees & had the top suits reduced to sucking their thumbs in the corner. What am I referring to? The Glen Woodfin Cafe called for a boycott of NBC in a blog entry on December 7th, 2007 after they refused to run a paid ad simply thanking our troops for their sacrifice during the holidays. They said it violated their policies. Yeah, I'll bet it did, yet they gave Al Gore over 30 hours of free broadcasting recently to promote his agenda (while Al Gore holds many investments that will explode with profits if he can get more of his legislation through). The NBC (Nitwits, Bozos & Clowns) had no problem clearing the way for Al Gore's stock portfolio (Big Al is a general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the Silicon Valley venture-capital firm which stands to make gigantic profits with alternative energy projects) to take a monster leap forward.

Obviously, I'm joking that my blog entry made any difference in their announcement today that they have reversed their decision to block the paid ads from running.

GE is the parent corporation that oversees NBC, but Jeffrey Immelt is showing his lack of leadership by allowing NBC to be such idiots. Doesn't he care that the NBC ratings are dropping like a rock. How investors long for the days of Jack Welsh. Why do CEOs like Immelt lack leadership?

I nabbed the egg on face photo from and the NBC logo from Google images. I used Xara Extreme to combine the graphics.

Thank you troops for risking your lives protect the NBC studio from themselves. Merry Christmas.

Lower Your Blood Pressure without Drugs for Free

There are many drug free ways to lower one's blood pressure, but one caught my eye while being advertised on TV. The electronic device called "Resperate" is supposed to lower your blood pressure naturally without drugs or side effects. I went to Internet immediately to investigate further.
After watching a short video on the reasons this little electronic device used for 15 minutes, several times a week, I began to understand why it lowers your blood pressure. Actually, the device doesn't lower your blood pressure, but changing your breathing habbits can. The video quoted some of the biggest names in medical journals that back up their claim. I believe that if you use this device faithfully, you will lower your blood pressure, but save your money because all the device does is helps you lower your breathing rate voluntarily.

Typically, an average person's breathing rate is around 15 or more breaths per minute, but studies show that with a slower breathing rate of under 10 per minute will actual help one lower their blood pressure. All the device does is calculate your current breathing rate and then matches it to different tones for inhaling and exhaling, then it gradually slows the frequency of the tones hoping you'll breathe along with the tones.

The device is fine, but my goodness gracious...the $300 price tag is enough to shoot your blood pressure through the roof. Hm, should I spend $300 on a tone generator with variable cadence or should I just take time out to relax and take deeper, slower breaths. For a little more than $300, you can buy the most advanced piece of consumer electronics to hit the planet, the iPhone. Just read what a iPhone can do at: You can change the world from a prison cell with an iPhone, literally. You could make millions of dollars without leaving your cell.

It reminds me of a great Bud Light beer commercial I saw years ago comparing one computer game that had the most cutting edge effects in world where one was tranfixed with the sites and sounds of battle where you actually beleived you were there, then they quieted the screen and said "...or, you can have Blip." The screen then showed a slow paced game like the original "Pong" where you move a small bar back and forth across the screen hoping that the ball would bounce off your paddle. A knob was all you controlled. Resperate is a "Blip" in my mind.

Top 20 ways to lower your blood pressure naturally:
1. eat more cold water deep ocean fish with omega 3
2. reduce your salt intake (salt attracts water- more water in your veins adds pressure)
3. increase the magnesium in your diet
4. increase the potassium in your diet (Can't reduce salt? Potassium can still lower pressure)
5. reduce alcohol consumption
6. eat more garlic
7. exercise
8. take Yoga classes
9. reduce the caffeine in your diet (coffee, tea and Coke)
10. replace the oils in you diet with flax seed oil and extra virgin olive oil (oils with Omega 3s)
11. reduce the saturated fats in your diet like red meat
12. drop margarine because they bubble hydrogen through it making it a fake saturated fat
13. some say more calcium in one's diet can lower your blood pressure as well
14. laughter
15. singing
16. have a forgiving heart, don't hold grudges
17. have faith
18. hugs
19. have a hobby
20. give affection to your pet often

Have you seen the commercials that have a baby laughing non stop? Then, at the end of the commercial, they say laughing can add 8 years to your life like in this AIG commercial:

I found an excellent article on how to lower my cholesterol the natural way. The author suggests:
a. Niacin (B3 supplements) - can cause facial flushing - timed release may help this symptom.
b. Artichoke Leaf - my slow your body's natural cholesterol production
c. Soluble Fiber - add stables like oatmeal to your diet as it can bind with some fats
d. Plant Sterols and Stanols - the Japanese possibly have lower cholesterol with soy bean diet
e. Policosanol supplements
g. Garlic
i. Pantothine supplements
My assumption is that their would be less plaque with less cholesterol and the less plaque would ease blood pressure.
As always, ask your doctor before you make any changes, especially if you are taking medicines as some medicines cause reactions.

I'd bet good money that a deep tissue massage would also ease the stress, cortisol and high blood pressure in your life. Give yourself the gift of massage therapy.
Live long and prosper.

Friday, December 7, 2007

NBC Spits on the American Troops- Boycott NBC & GE Products

NBC refuses to run this paid ad by thanking our troops for protecting America. My God, just watch the ad and you'll see that you should stop watching NBC and write a letter to Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO, parent company of NBC.

I remember when I was a child, I watched Walter Cronkite describe the war in Viet Nam with pictures of explosions on a map behind him representing the battles of the day and wondered if I too would have to go to war when I grew up. I never had to, but now, those that have the freedom to enjoy their life safely on American soil, do nothing but trash the soldiers that defend our country every day.

NBC, who has freedom of the press, abuses that privelege and spits in the eye of military families that have given their children's lives for them to have that freedom. I call for the firing of anyone involved with the rejection of this paid ad at NBC. I call for the boycott of anyone advertising on NBC. I call for the boycott of all GE products. Jeffrey Immelt is going to have a lot of red ink on his watch. How I wish Jack Welsh was still at the helm.

What has happened to America? How did ungrateful people get to the positions of leadership in our country while being of such sorry character.

Please voice your complaints to NBC:

NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112

NBC Contact Page:

Here is the General Electric Contact Information page:

I thank the American troops for facing danger every day. I thank the American troops that have bullets ripping past them while Jack Immelt, Mark Cuban and the NBC executives sit around on their ungrateful butts and do nothing for this country. I thank the mothers and fathers of the troops who have lost their children in battle or now have a permanently injured child from the war. I thank the children who are growing up without parents that have been lost in the war. These people have disgraced our country and do not deserve the freedoms they have.

Boycott anything Mark Cuban produces.

Boycott NBC and MSNBC.

Boycott GE stock and products.

For the Associated Press Wire on this story:

Boycott NBC

American Public Schools Ignore What Others Die for

I went through the public school system all the way up through getting my bachelors degree from the University of Florida and there was one thing that teachers and the administration refused to mention: men died for the right to own your own business. It was never mentioned even once to me as I was processed through the Democratically controlled public school system.

The whole thrust of public education is to create another cog in the wheel at a corporation. In the 15 years of schooling that graduates of a state school have, it is never mentioned that you have the right to own your own business. No, instead they talk about subjecting yourself to a system that leads to a job. One is never encouraged to start a business. Students are encouraged to get good grades so that you can get a good GPA, which in turn will lead to getting in a good college, so you can start interviewing for a good company when you graduate. Then, you'll submit to paying taxes as an employee with your FICA taxes automatically deducted from your check. Viola, that way the Democrats will get what they want, a submissive citizen that fears doing anything out of the box. Democrats love the box of being a good little tax payer. The Democrat's goal is to create a Solviet Union in the United States with them in power. They want to control everything. Starting your own business is terrifying for the teachers unions. To go into business for yourself is a direct assault on the cage they want to imprison us with.

Why is this? The reason is because the liberal Democrats have taken over the public schools. Liberals want you to be told what to do and when to do it. Liberals own the teachers unions. The unions just want more and more money without results, just like the unions are at General Motors. They don't care about results, they just want more and more benefits and money until the whole system collapses.

Most Americans could wake up in a communist country and would never know the difference because they don't exercise their rights that people died for. Liberals create with their policies a system of going home to work, work to home, home to work, work to home in a mindless circle. They rig the school system to brainwash our youth into being part of their "common good" philosophy. They strip the rights of parents so that the goverment is now in charge of everything taught to kids.

Chavez- the Push for Dictatorship

I am so glad I was wrong on Chavez. He lost his push for the "Dictator for Life" quest. I was wrong because I thought he'd do anything and everything to win, including stuffing the ballot box.

My guess is that he thought he was so popular that he wouldn't need to.

On this matter, thank God I was wrong. Democracy has a candle in the political darkness surrounding the Chavez push for the Fidel Castro type of dictatorship. Anyone can see how Fidel Castro's political views have destroyed a country for a lifetime. His legacy is nothing but selfishness and pride leading to subjugation of the beautiful citizens of the island.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Chavez is Jesus Christ in Venezuela

Hugo Chavez will be elected permanent dictator of Venezuela just like Fidel Castro. All the buildings in Venezuela will sport a paint job of 1965 just like the Castro regime. Chavez will steal the election and the street will be upset and then in the end the Communist dictatorship will totally destroy freedom in Venezueala. Chavez will cheat the electorial process. America is well on the way as sheep to the same destiny.

Thank God I was wrong on this one.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Frozen Dinners Are Getting HOT

It was every man for himself when it was dinner time at my house. I lost my mom when I was 11 years old, so everything she did, I tried to do. Cooking and washing dishes was something I became very familar with. I remember frozen dinners being adequate to fill you up, but I don't every remember them to be a gourmet treat, until now...
Am I the only one that walks by the frozen food section like it doesn't exist? I have passed it by for 20 years, but something exciting has been gracing the freezers. Several companies are creating delicious gourmet foods in the frozen foods isle. I feel silly even writing about it, but it's true. Stouffer's makes a great lasagna. But the best thing I've eaten in the frozen food section are the entrees from Kashi. Yes, it's the cerial company that brings you healthy food. I think my favorite is Chicken Florentine. The herbs & spices are exotic and the basics like the bed of rice are right out of a health food book. I absolutely love them. Here's a list of the ingredients of their Black Bean Mango:

Black Bean Mango
Black beans with roasted red onions and green peppers, red peppers and carrots. Served over Kashi® 7 Whole Grains Pilaf and topped with fire-roasted mango sauce. A delicious dish that's Vegan too!
Ingredients: Cooked Kashi® Pilaf (water, whole: oats, long grain brown rice, rye, hard red winter wheat, triticale, buckwheat, barley, sesame seeds), black beans (prepared black beans, water, salt), water, carrots, red bell peppers, roasted red onions, roasted green bell peppers, mangos, canola oil, rice starch, evaporated cane juice, apple juice concentrate (concentrated apple juice, water, ascorbic acid [vitamin C]), jalapeƱo peppers, mango juice concentrate, mango puree, cilantro, ginger puree (ginger, water, salt, citric acid), garlic (garlic, water), salt, lime juice concentrate.
Diabetic Exchange: 4 carbohydrates, 1 medium-fat meat
Kosher Certification: not Kosher
If you like bold flavorful exotic foods that will break the the same ol'-same-ol' department, then you might want to consider grabbing a few of these.
I wish I got a commission for bragging about them, but I don't.
One warning is that all the frozen foods are coming in a microwavable plastic dishes, but I wouldn't trust any of them for being good for you while being nuked in the microwave. My guess is that they might be creating toxins while in the micro. I put them in a ceramic dish or glass bowl while cooking. I even flip them down into the plate so that the presentation isn't quite as nice, but the food is incredibly good.
Every thing I've tried with Boston Market has been good with the exception of their lasagna. It was way too much beef with gristle. It's so bad it sticks in your teeth. Their other dinners have been wonderul.
So, don't you think it's about time you started warming up to frozen dinners?
I'm a part of an incredible discount coupon servie through that has made using coupons worth the trouble. They have tons of restaurant coupon deals that save you boatloads of money. They have 2 for 1 pizzas and the same for fast foods. I hate saving coupons; but, when it's buy one and get one free, I'm all over it! The program costs $19.05 a month to be a member, but I saved that and more and got a check from them for $105 for telling 4 people about it. Dinner time is heating up at my house.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Google Kills the Golden Goose- the Evidence

This story will give 3 examples of how Google needs to be slapped down for their unfair practices. This case will be made clearly with screenshot photos, but the next paragraph is dedicated to the defense of Google on one controversial decision.

Many said that Google caved in on their original mission statement of doing no evil when they agreed with the Chinese government to censure their search engine in order to get the powers that be to accept their presense on China's Internet. I disagree wholeheartedly. It's better to be in that major country with limitations than allowing another competitor. So, I completely disagree with the critics on that one. I think that was just good business.

3 Creeping Evils at Google:

1. In the screenshot photo above, it shows that still outranks, yet if you have downloaded the Google toolbar, then you can see that in the past few months, Google changed their algorithms to make have a page rank of 10 while has a page rank of 9. At the beginning of the summer of 2007. Google ranked Yahoo higher as they should. Granted this is a small and debateable infraction, but as time goes on, my bet is that you'll see Google taking advantage of their position in the search engine wars.

2. Look at the screenshot below and you'll see that on many natural searches, Google has cheated and put their Google Local program above all the natural searches. Google controls this space. The space is supposed to be the organic space, but Google has grabbed not only the advertising space above the natural searches, but now they are manipulating and controlling that sacred space that consumers have entrusted them with. End of the world? No, but it's a sign of Google's drift towards being sneaky. Of course they will say that consumers want this.

I think consumers would prefer untainted searches.

3. One that jumped out at me the other day was their new Google checkout logo (see photo below) that dominates the search page with logo leaping off the page with brilliant colors while all the competition remains in monotonous blue. The whole page is blue, but Google takes advantage of others competitors by not allowing them to use logos or color on the Adsense ads. If Google was fighting for financial survival, I'd cut them slack, but their stock is fast approaching the $1000 per share mark. This is absolutely spitting in the face of the advertisers that have made Google what it is today. Google is killing their own advertisers and making up special rules for their own products. They are headed down the anti trust Microsoft path. These are subtle things granted, but they are clear indicators of the creeping corruption you'll be seeing more and more of if we don't speak out. Can you image Google letting PayPal have the only colored logo on a search page?

Huckabee Passes Hillary in Polls

Hillary Clinton explains how she covers up her shady campaign finance dealings at an elite Hollywood fundraiser.

Most democrats are saying Hillary peaked early and is over the hill. Some are saying that the video that Hillary is trying to cover up is now exposing her for felony charges.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why Hollywood Hates America- the Dirty Secret

It has frustrated many Americans as to why Hollywood's elite put out propaganda films that put Americans in a disgusting slant. They say to themselves, don't they understand their freedoms to say what they say was bought with the price of precious soldiers and yet they get to wallow in their millions yet get a big microphone to spit all over America like it's the cool thing to do. It's like street cred.

The reason they do it has little to do with their political beliefs and everything to do with their wallets. In many segments of movie sales statistics, foreign gross sales dominate domestic profits. For reference, check out the Reuter's "Hollywood, foreign movie theaters at odds on DVDs" article. One interested in this topic should, do some sniffing around on movie industry stats and they'll see why many directors and producers sell out America for money. Of course, some underlings like b-list actors and the like stand with the liberals because they are afraid that they won't get any work. If someone in the industry doesn't walk in lock step, then they get blacklisted. The power brokers will see to it that they'll "never work in this town again." The puppet masters will continue to repress independant and conservative film industry workers until the money runs out or they have their freedom to do what they want taken away. Then, they'll regret that they put the grease to the destruction of their own country.

Look at Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte & Naomi Campbell kissing the butt of pending dictator Hugo Chavez. Even as he destroys a free press in his country of Venezuela, these fine American's are over there in worship of him. It's cool to be a communist dictator's friend. The Hollywood liberals talk free speech and free thought, but in reality, they'd do anything within their power to detroy the careers of anyone who thinks differently from them.

To illustrate this further, just look at the constant tactics of the far left when anyone conservative speaks their thoughts in public. They shout them down and disrupt any possibility for others to hear a different perspective. They preach tolerance and acceptance, but they are often the most violent and controlling of all movements. Their hypocracy is blatant, but they are so brainwashed and desperately want to be accepted by their peers that they cave in to independant thoughts. Code Pink is another example of this. They think that any disruption is justified. To most they appear like brainwashed puppets. They just chant whatever their leader tells them to.

Cindy Sheehan, anti-war protester was the darling of the far left until she expressed some of her true feelings, then they abandoned her when she no longer spouted out whatever they told her to say.

It's all about the money. For example, Hillary Clinton, didn't want to come out and criticize lobbying groups like when they ran a full page ad calling General Petraus- General Betray Us, but she was so afraid to have the money cut off that she pooped all over one of the finest patriots in our country. Just follow the money in Hollywood and follow the money in politics. Hillary embraces the money part not for the money as much as she speculates that the money will buy her power. Hillary will sell military secrets if she thinks it will buy her the Presidency. Bill Clinton sold us out by granting tons of access to the Chinese many of which spent many a night in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House, under testimony the Chinaman said he had a list of favors that he expected Bill Clinton to provide for the donations. That's why Hillary Clinton set up all these illegals campaign contributions from dishwashers from Chinatown. All this money was funneling through them under the radar. The Hill-Billy's have a clear history of this pattern. The Hillary Clinton/ Norman Shu scandal is just case in point in a long history of under the table backroom deals for money and power. Hillary Clinton would sell out America if she could just sit her buttocks in the Oval office seat.

Hillary will do anything for power. Anything.

Don't believe it? Just watch some of these videos on that tell the story with complete documentary footage. In particular watch the Peter Paul compaign coverup. On one video, Hillary Clinton tells how she is able to do unscrupulous things, then be the Teflon woman. One of the secrets she reveals on the film is to never leave an e-mail trail.

The Hollywood elite and the far left politicians sell out America for a brief moment where they believe they'll have the 15 minutes of fame in the history of world. They believe like Moussalini, that it's "better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand as a lamb," so screw America.

Opinions by Glen Woodfin

Monday, November 12, 2007

Many Social Bookmarking Services Not Ready for Prime Time

Bookmaking services on the web have made their mark. Not only can you save all your favorite sites online so that you can pull them up from any computer in the world, you can also make them public so that others can benefit from your selections as well. If you are following a guru online and if they have made their favorite bookmarks public, you can follow in their virtual steps to find what their research has led to. This can save you gobs of time. That's why they call if social bookmarking.

I found a directory of the most popular social bookmarking services and was shocked to discover that a huge percentage is either defunct or not functioning at the moment.

Good Social Bookmarking sites:

2. ma.gnolia
3. Blinklist
4. StumbleUpon
5. Digg

The Worst Bookmarking Sites (the sites were not even functional or we got continuous error codes when we tried to sign up):

2. Excites
3. linkatopia
4. Linkroll
5. Looklater
6. Shadows
7. unalog This site says: "Registration is currently disabled while we finalize mezzanine funding."

Good luck to all. It's a dog eat dog world.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Greenville Massage

I remember when I was a kid, it seemed my mother would talk to everyone while we were in public. It used to embarass me to no end. Funny thing, I turned out just like her. The other day I was in BB & T in Greenville, SC & while I was filling out my deposit slip at the kiosk, I overheard the tellers laughing with a customer and saying jokingly that she had done all her addition correctly....this time. I laughed to myself thinking of how I'd messed up with my additions on the fly a few times. I noticed the customer had a strong foreign accent.

As the customer was leaving, she passed by me and I asked where she was from. "Russia," she said and smiled.

"You know, I only know one word in Russian," I replied playfully.

"And what word is that?" she asked.


We then continued a little more small talk and before she departed, she handed me her card and said "You should stop by sometime and see me," then she walked away. I wondered as I read her card if she was flirting with me or was she wanting to gain a new client as her card said: Anna Bowen- Greenville Massage. I figured either way, I couldn't lose.

A few days later, I called her. I was surprised to see that she had a unique setup on the ceiling of her studio. There were parallel bars hanging above the massage table. They were anchored to the walls and ceiling so they wouldn't budge. "What's that for?" I asked tenatively.

"Have you heard of Ashiatsu?"

"Shiatsu, but not Ashiatsu," I said.

She explained that Ashiatsu is an ancient form of bodywork performed with both the hands and the feet. The bars above the table were to stabilize the massage therapist so they could give deep tissue massage with their feet in areas that needed it.

"Wow," I thought. I'd never even heard of it. "I guess I've lived a sheltered life."

Anna Bowen also had a glass case filled with Nikken products. I couldn't believe the selection had grown so much since I saw their catalog a decade ago. Anna is a very warm and giving person and you sense it as soon as you walk in to her studio. She sent me home with a gallon of highly filtered water which she then put it through a cool looking blender that had a cylinder of magnets that spun in the water. She said after this water has been treated like this, it's called Pi-Mag Water. I thought I don't really need it because I have well water with a very elaborate system of 6 filters including a reverse osmosis system, but I'll take it to be polite.

A couple of days later, I was talking with her on the phone while drinking some of her bewitched water and I told her it tastes great, then start telling her about my great system. She suggested that I put down a two bowls of water in front of my cat to see if she prefers my highly filtered water or her Pi-Mag water. I did. Nica sniffed them both out of curiosity, then started drinking the Pi-Mag water. I thought that maybe it was a coincidense, but my cat kept drinking for 3 minutes. She then took a break then went right back to drinking Anna's brew. Anna explained that animals can sense what is good for them.

I laughed and said, "Maybe that's why my dog and cat turn their heads quickly when I put a cup of coffee in front of their noses."

Anna gives a great great that I built a website for her at: She's a good person with a big heart.

Tell Anna that Glen Woodfin recommended her.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Feist 1 2 3 4 - New Apple Ad Song

Maybe you've seen the new Apple Nano with video commercial. Here's the new hit from France. Njoy!

If you know me, I love all the Apple products and their story.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Miss Teen South Carolina vs Yellow Book

Did the Yellow Book remove the state of South Carolina from their directory on purpose after they saw Lauren Caitlin Upton in the Miss Teen USA pageant or was it because that SC has the lowest SAT scores in the nation?

Disclaimer, I have lived in South Carolina myself for the past decade.

Hey Yellow Book, could you put us back in before we go to the other book?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Seal - Kiss from a Rose (Batman Forever Version)

Seal is my favorite male solo artist in the last 20 years.

Brightest Flashlight in the World

Someone just told me about this Titanium Innovations L70 HID spotlight that blasts 7,000 lumens with it's 70 watt high intensity discharge bulb that sends a beam for miles. This mega flashlight has an adjustable beam which allows you to create pinpoint focus or have more peripheral light.

You also have to strengths to run at: 70 watts producing 7,000 lumens for 60 minutes or 35 watts producing 3,500 lumens for 115 minutes. Cost: $1,000.


This specatcular HID searchlight/flashlight came to my attention in 2009. The XeVision HID 50 watt equals or surpasses the performance of the Polarion for $1,000 less money. Currently, you can buy the 50 HID XeVision for $895. The have a 75 watt protype that puts out over 8,000 lumens and I haven't seen that kind of performance available anywhere else.

XeVision has two models available and possibly one new one on the horizon:

35 watts - 3200 Lumens - $895
50 watts - 5300 Lumens - $895
75 watts - 8000 Lumens (prototype - not available yet)

XeRay/XeVision specs are as follows:

Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack, same pack size in both models (12 cells)
Battery capacity 6600mAh
Easy battery pack change. 3.5 hrs recharge time
35 watt 140-150 min runtime
50 watt 90-95 min runtime
35 watt has 3200 Lumens, beam range 800 yards
50 watt has 5300 Lumens, beam range 1200 yards
Standard GE 4200K D2S bulb

The Group 5 Engineering HB-1 claims 5,600 lumens for $3,000. The HID flashlight operates on a pack of 20 CR123 batteries for 1 hour and 10 minutes and is not rechargable, yet. One can use rechargeable CR123 batteries which sacrifice runtime. This flashlight could be the brightest unconfirmed consumer flashlight in the world.

Accepted as the Brightest Flashlight in the World in 2008, the Polarion Helios PH50 screams with 5,200 lumens for $2,395. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery will power this light under 200 feet of water for 1 hour. We have heard that this flashlight actually puts out a brighter light than the HB-1, but until I test it, I won't know for sure.

This flashlight is temporarily off the market in the PH50 with a 50 watt HID bulb. The 3,500 lumen is readily available. So, I have to give the "Brightest Consumer Flashlight in the World Prize" to the XeVision 50 watt HID at the top of the page.

Vector SLH100P Power on Board HID Spotlight with 3500 Lumens

This has a shockingly focused brilliant white beam for super long distance power.

Vector Sportspot VEC 192 with 3335 Lumens

The Torch is an amazing new powerhouse that lights a wide path with 4,100 lumens.

I just created a website featuring the world's brightest flashlight. If the above flashlights are a little pricey then check out this under $100 double beam Black and Decker 20 Million Power Series 3335 Lumens Spotlight #VEC192 by Vector. Check it out at:

We have an even brighter flashlight for under $100 with 3500 lumens. It's the Vector SLH100P Power on Board HID Spotlight with 3,500Lumens for 70 Minutes. We have a limited number, so I don't know how long we'll keep this price as we've already had 3 price increases. This flashlight usually retails for more than $100.

In 2009, this Vector Power on Board HID searchlight has become almost impossible to find anywhere at any price.

If you want to pay $1000 to $2000+, you can get a flashlight slightly brighter.

Coming mid 2008, a new Brightest Flashlight in the World site.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Project Payday Scam? Or Tar Baby?

I just signed up for & what a mistake that was. It's supposed to be a way to make modest money online, but what a tangled web they weave. To find out about this opportunity, I clicked on a Google AdWords ad after a search & the ad said free free free:

Actual Google ad:

Make Money - Free
You won't get rich but you can make
a realistic $200 to $5,000 a month.

I was curious, because it sounded too good to be true, but the site had a good sales pitch & excellent graphics and video testimonial. All you have to do is give them your contact information & away you go! I did, but was frustrated when I saw the page it led to was another page with more Chinese finger cuffs.

The whole time you're on one of their pages, it says offer ends tonight at midnight, then they display today's date, but if you come back tomorrow, the date changes again to whatever date that day is. This is to create a false sense of urgency. It's even got a timer on the page, I got interrupted, so I wasn't able to finish in 30 minutes, so when I got back to page, all I had to do was refresh the page, and it started the clock over. That reminds me of the hard sell infomercials you see on late night TV, "Call in the next ten minutes, & you'll receive this extra bonus..." Please. Three years later, they're still running that same commercial. Their window of 10 minutes, just became 3 years. Nice.

Okay, what was supposed to be free is now $34.95 or you can sign up for one of the free offers below the page said. It just takes a minute, and you'll get instant access to Project Payday below, then you'll have all the goodies on the free offer, plus you'll get the stuff they were talking about to begin with (a complete online money making system). I chose to sign up for the free website. I was starting to get a little excited, though I had reservations because of the runaround I'd already gotten. My store was this one:

So, I signed up for my free dollar store website. Oh, now wait a minute, it's free except for $1.99 shipping. Hm, why can't an online store just give me everything I need to get started online? When I clicked on some of the links on that page to get a more complete understanding of what was going on, the web page thought I was leaving them without paying the $1.99 shipping, so out comes a pop up saying: Okay, for you, it's half price: .97 cents. I was frustrated but thought, "I'm almost done, just pay the measly .97 cents. Then, they charged my Visa card $1.04. Ow, another surprise, small, but the pattern is clear. I got my website: In order to activate it, I had to go to my email then, confirm that I accepted all the terms. What was advertised as a free website had become $1.04, now they are telling me it's not really free because you're actually signing up for a monthly charge, not a free website like they said. It's only a two week trial, then your credit card will be automatically hit for almost $39.95 a month. I went back to get my free business ebook that I had originally came to the site for and it wouldn't let me have the free book until I agreed to bend over every month for $39.95.

Here's their fine print:
"Also, by continuing you understand this offer includes a 14-Day Free Trial to the website, which can help you create an additional income using the tools and strategies inside. After the 14-Day Free Trial period, you will continue to enjoy full membership at an affordable $39.95 per month billed automatically to your credit card. "

I felt taken. I did everything I could to cancel everything, but I am still not sure if I did, so I still might be hit with that free business for $39.95 a month.

But Glen, can you make money? Yes, I suppose if you want to market this way, you could make some money. But how could you live with yourself. I am so over It's a tar baby, at best.

What companies were comfortable enough with the marketing tactics that they are in cahoots with them?

I can't believe companies like & are okay with this kind of smoke & mirrors marketing. It's bait and switch like a used car salesman in a plaid jacket complete with cigar. It's a shame, because the marketers & webmasters have great talent. Their site looks great, but in my opinion, they took the low road.

Everything is legal and disclosed in faded grey fine print on the site, however I believe they could have made better choices because it's clear that they are very talented. They are not a scam, but they are a tar baby from where I sit.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pay with Cash- Johnny Cash Mastercard

A perfect fit: a signature debit card for people that like to pay with cash, but want to enjoy the convenience of plastic. Johnny Cash symbolizes the hard knocks of life in his lyrics & his life. Virtually everyone qualifies for this card, since there is no credit check. You need a bank account to sign up for the card online, because you load the card with your own cash since it's a prepaid debit card, but it's accepted everywhere Visa & Mastercard are taken. give you the details. I'd have to think it would be a must for die hard fans as it guarantees buzz at the cash register with other fans.
I've always been intrigued with the mystique that Johnny created throughout his career. He was patently known as the man in black. His legendary shows in Folsom Prison (1968) and in San Quentin (1969) cemented him as the man of hard knocks. His rugged face that made me think he'd just got out of a bar fight added to his tough guy persona.

I doubt most people know if he ever served time in prison. He didn't. However, he did end up in jail 7 times for misdemeanors. It was more like a hotel stay since each incident only lasted one night.

Johnny made Rolling Stone's "Greatest Artist of All Time" list in 2004, Johnny ranked #31. After 50 million sold albums & an almost 50 year music career, most of his hits are familiar to every American: "Walk the Line, A Boy Named Sue, Ring of Fire," and if you didn't hear his remake of the Nine Inch Nails Song, "Hurt," I've included it below. The song sounds like it was made for him.

Johnny Cash "Hurt"

Johnny Cash "God's Gonna Cut You Down"

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Grand Opening of the Cafe

It's about time I started a blog. It seems like everyone else is born with one, but I remember just a year or two ago, I had to look up the word 'blog' on the Internet. I found out it was a web/log. That helped a little, but I felt like I had to look up what a web/log was. I guess I'm just a late blogger, I mean... er, uh, bloomer.

Naming it the "Glen Woodfin Cafe" wasn't too hard since I consider coffee one of the major food groups: coffee, protein, carbs, a glass of wine & extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Did I miss anything? I considered naming this blog the Glen Woodfin: Rants & Raves, Talking Points, Where in the World Is, the Latest Buzz, on the Edge & Diary. Okay, just kidding about the diary, since Lord knows, I don't have the discipline to keep a diary. Even Anna Nicole Smith kept a diary. Where does that leave me?

Typical topics will include, but not limited to: investing, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, mentors (gurus with products to sell), Internet marketing, motivation, how to, graphics, website design, art, politics, relationships, pets, current events, gadgets (anything that Q makes for 007), technology, computers, pets, health, nutrition, cycling, exercise, and by golly, my opinions & recommendations. The latter being the most important.

In other words, "Bem Vindo." If you don't speak Portuguese, "Welcome!"