Sunday, May 6, 2007

Grand Opening of the Cafe

It's about time I started a blog. It seems like everyone else is born with one, but I remember just a year or two ago, I had to look up the word 'blog' on the Internet. I found out it was a web/log. That helped a little, but I felt like I had to look up what a web/log was. I guess I'm just a late blogger, I mean... er, uh, bloomer.

Naming it the "Glen Woodfin Cafe" wasn't too hard since I consider coffee one of the major food groups: coffee, protein, carbs, a glass of wine & extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Did I miss anything? I considered naming this blog the Glen Woodfin: Rants & Raves, Talking Points, Where in the World Is, the Latest Buzz, on the Edge & Diary. Okay, just kidding about the diary, since Lord knows, I don't have the discipline to keep a diary. Even Anna Nicole Smith kept a diary. Where does that leave me?

Typical topics will include, but not limited to: investing, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, mentors (gurus with products to sell), Internet marketing, motivation, how to, graphics, website design, art, politics, relationships, pets, current events, gadgets (anything that Q makes for 007), technology, computers, pets, health, nutrition, cycling, exercise, and by golly, my opinions & recommendations. The latter being the most important.

In other words, "Bem Vindo." If you don't speak Portuguese, "Welcome!"

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