Monday, September 5, 2011

Best Lawn Sprinkler I've Used: Melnor Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler 4200

One hates to get excited about a lawn sprinkler, but I am flat out excited about a lawn sprinkler. I had some from from Sharper Image or Brookstones by Claiborne or something like that. They were decent for 5 years but now they're falling apart and I need something good for my annual overseeding of fescue and maybe some rye grass to chase away the dreariness of dead grass in the Winter.

I bought the Melnor Premium Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler 4200 and I love it. It does everything I want out of a sprinkler except it doesn't have an auto shut off timer. The overage is a mindblowing 3900 square feet or you can quickly make adjustments to fit even cramped spaces.

I love the lifetime guarantee. Oo la la!

Features and Benefits:

  • Nearly 4000 square feet of coverage so you don't have to move it as often

  • Flow control valve on the spinkler for quick easy water volumn adjustments you don't have to run back to the spigot

  • Patented one touch water pattern control to adjust the width of the spread coverage

  • 18 Rubberized nozzles helping to keep them flowing without blockages

  • Screen filter built in to prevent debris from entering the sprinkler and blocking it up giving you carefree enjoyment

  • Durable self propelled turbo motor throwing the water extraordinary distances

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    You'd just have to see this thing in action. It zooms through smooth even passes like a light rain which is perfect for overseeding as it doesn't relocate your grass seed and fertilizers. I'm not sure how the turbo motor works because it puts out consistant pattern of water with no pauses or delays like those oscillation sprinklers I've used with the metal arch that swings back and forth with a system of moving joints that always get jammed. Every one I've ever bought will lock up and water in one spot causing puddling. It's such a joy to see this Melnor 4200 in action because it moves with precision.

    If you do need a timer with auto shut off, you can get their Melnor 4110 Time-A-Matic® Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler. You can set the timer for up to two hours of set it and forget it watering.

    You can also get it in metal, but I'm completely happy with the plastic one, it stays exactly where you put it while in use.

    The Melnor Lifetime Warranty:

    Melnor products are intended for residential use.

    The Melnor 4200 comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Simply return any item during the warranty period accompanied by a valid purchase receipt and it will be repaired or replaced. If the purchase receipt is no longer available, Melnor will repair or replace the item if it is accompanied by a $6.00 check or money order for shipping and handling.
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