Sunday, September 11, 2011

General Wesley Clark Predicted the Arab Spring in 2007 as the Pathway to Persia

General Wesley Clark explains in 2007 the secret US plans to destabilize the Middle East through covert operations decided at the Pentagon. It was labeled the "Pathway to Persia", meaning that one at a time, our Intelligence and military community would shake up the Middle East one country at a time and create a domino effect. The global elites wanted more control over their financial systems and set up central banks married to the IMF and thus, our Federal Reserve. The second purpose was for us to more privatize their oil with Anglo Saxon ownership of the West's big oil companies. Note, in Libya, the first thing we did was set up a Westernized Central Bank and pushed to get control of their oil fields...mission accomplished.

The end goal in the Pathway to Persia is to get control of Iran (Persia).

The clip below includes the clip above, but with a bit more of a big picture perspective. If you believe in the US Constitution, this unelected secret power of our military and intelligence agengies are offensive.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is running around the world with on the ground destabilization institutions set up in all these countries that we desire to topple. These include training in how to use social media to plan events and gain momentum. We are meddling in the affairs of other countries 24/7.

Obama lied when he obeyed the UN directive to create a no-fly zone in Libya for humanitarian reasons, because the rebels are full of Al Qaida that as soon as they got control of Tripoli, they rounded up all black people and either incarcerated them or slaughtered them, but you don't hear any humanitarian complaints from Obama or the UN because they are just black people. The UN and Obama and Europe just wanted contol of their banking and petroleum, it never was a humanitarian mission.

In fact, they made up the propaganda that Gaddafi's soldiers were given Viagra by the state to go out and repeatedly rape the rebels women. This was all bs to win over world sympathy.

There is a huge cloud over discovery on whether or not Ghadafi had anything to do with the Pan Am flight 103 downing. Papers in the UK said that the plane was full of secret drug shipments by the CIA. No surprise as the CIA was dealing drugs in Vietnam, and recently were shot down running 4 tons of coccaine over Mexico.

Now, the Brits and our military and intelligence community are supporting the opium crops in Afghanistan. In fact, since our military took over, opium production is up 90%.

Pat Tillman, US soldier, was slaughtered by our own military to silence him about the Jessica Lynch propaganda story and the military involvment in the the 500 billion a year opium crop in Afghanistan.

So, what's my point? I'm meandering all over the place. I wish for the public to know that our government lies to us on a regular basis and that there are agencies that run accountable to no one and that they are corrupt and are the criminals and have become the foxes guarding the henhouse.

Karzai's brother was hired by the CIA to run the opium trade in Afghanistan, but when he got too big for his britches, the CIA decided they wanted all the profit for themselves, so they paid his bodyguard to assasinate him.

Another example is Operation Fast and Furious where several agencies shipped weapons directly to our hand picked drug lords in Mexico in an attempt to eliminate competition from other independant drug lords so that the US agencies could have the business all to themselves. While at the same time blaming all this corruption on loose American gun laws so they could shut down the freedom of the right to bare arms. Eric Holder recently testified that he just heard about the operation, when in fact there are videos of him a couple of years ago where he is braggging about the operation at government conferences in Mexico. Emails about the US sponsored criminal operation have been tracked to 3 people in the White House, yet Obama came out and lied and said that Eric Holder knew nothing. Every get sick of government as usual?

Understand that supporting terrorism and crimals is a high crime and many of these operations our government is running are treasonous, yet AFT officials after being caught were not punished in the Obama administration, instead they were rewarded, much like Goldman Sachs was rewarded after they fraudulently repackaged and sold junk mortgages as AAA paper to the world as a scam, yet no of them are in prison for the fraud. The White House lines their office with them: Hank Paulsen, Larry Summers and tax cheat, Timother Geithner are running the country's money policies.

When Wachovia Bank gets caught providing the aircraft and boats to ship the drugs to America from Mexico while laundering millions of their drug money, no one goes to jail. So, there is one set of laws for regular folks, then there are those that are above the law if they work for the government or are in the banking or big pharma industry (the Supreme Court just ruled that the drug industry can create in virus shot and never be head accountable if their are adverse side effects or deaths from those very shots). You get complete government protection if you're on the inside. and Instead, the elite get miniscule fines that are like a parking ticket compared to the benefits of the crimes. If that's not enough, then you can expect a presidential pardon at the end of the 4 year turn.

On the other hand, our government is raiding our humble farms for raw milk with machine guns drawn while terrorizing simple farmers that are hard at work.

Yes, this is what the government if focusing on now, the shutting down of wholesome businesses of hard working Americans while they promote the criminal insiders.

Did you see how the poor simple workers at the Gibson Guitar factory with machine guns pointing at their heads. Obama hates American workers.

To show that Obama and the FEDS only reward businesses being shipped overseas are that the head of his jobs commitee is Jeffery Immelt with GE.

Xray machine business shipped overseas and Obama rewards them by putting Jeffery Immelt at the head of his jobs commitee:

All the while GE pays zero Federal Income Taxes:

In fact, if you wish to document insiders with a video camera, you could face life in prison:

Torture is not allowed on terrorists in Gitmo, yet police are given the authority to tase and torture American citizens to obey their every whim. With over 500 taser deaths now, it is clearly attempted murder to use a taser on anyone: Cops are routinely involved in criminal behavior, yet their dept., fellow officers and the prosecuting attorneys protect the officers from any consequences. If the public cry is to great, then they will be suspended for a few days WITH PAY.

Routinely cops shot family dogs with zero provocation:

Watch this cops taser a man for not signing a traffic ticket and not obeying his personal lawless instructions:

Not enough on the tasers? How about a 14 year old girl tasered in the head by a police chief as the taser enter her brain, he kept tasering her till it did this damage:

And you thought this was a free country? We are living in stage one of a police state where only the elected criminals, heads of corporations, banks, big pharma, the military, the president, cops and Wall Street criminals are above the law.

I'll finish with a video of a minsiter who traveled to San Diego back to Arizona, went through a checkpoint and asked to have his constitutional rights upheld because these agents were turned down from searching his car without suspicion, then they said he was suspicious for not freely opening his car up for inspection (Catch 22). Watch how these men violate the Bill of Rights because this minister would bow down and kiss their boots. These men have decided not only are they above the law and the US Consitituion, they ARE THE LAW. For anyone that loves America, The Bill of Rights and appreciates the men who died to make us free, this video will break your heart...

By the way, all the charges against the pastor from the criminal officers were dropped in court. What makes you sick is when all the way up the line, their superiors and the state's legal system supported their criminal behavior. Criminals are running our system.


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