Monday, September 3, 2007

Brightest Flashlight in the World

Someone just told me about this Titanium Innovations L70 HID spotlight that blasts 7,000 lumens with it's 70 watt high intensity discharge bulb that sends a beam for miles. This mega flashlight has an adjustable beam which allows you to create pinpoint focus or have more peripheral light.

You also have to strengths to run at: 70 watts producing 7,000 lumens for 60 minutes or 35 watts producing 3,500 lumens for 115 minutes. Cost: $1,000.


This specatcular HID searchlight/flashlight came to my attention in 2009. The XeVision HID 50 watt equals or surpasses the performance of the Polarion for $1,000 less money. Currently, you can buy the 50 HID XeVision for $895. The have a 75 watt protype that puts out over 8,000 lumens and I haven't seen that kind of performance available anywhere else.

XeVision has two models available and possibly one new one on the horizon:

35 watts - 3200 Lumens - $895
50 watts - 5300 Lumens - $895
75 watts - 8000 Lumens (prototype - not available yet)

XeRay/XeVision specs are as follows:

Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack, same pack size in both models (12 cells)
Battery capacity 6600mAh
Easy battery pack change. 3.5 hrs recharge time
35 watt 140-150 min runtime
50 watt 90-95 min runtime
35 watt has 3200 Lumens, beam range 800 yards
50 watt has 5300 Lumens, beam range 1200 yards
Standard GE 4200K D2S bulb

The Group 5 Engineering HB-1 claims 5,600 lumens for $3,000. The HID flashlight operates on a pack of 20 CR123 batteries for 1 hour and 10 minutes and is not rechargable, yet. One can use rechargeable CR123 batteries which sacrifice runtime. This flashlight could be the brightest unconfirmed consumer flashlight in the world.

Accepted as the Brightest Flashlight in the World in 2008, the Polarion Helios PH50 screams with 5,200 lumens for $2,395. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery will power this light under 200 feet of water for 1 hour. We have heard that this flashlight actually puts out a brighter light than the HB-1, but until I test it, I won't know for sure.

This flashlight is temporarily off the market in the PH50 with a 50 watt HID bulb. The 3,500 lumen is readily available. So, I have to give the "Brightest Consumer Flashlight in the World Prize" to the XeVision 50 watt HID at the top of the page.

Vector SLH100P Power on Board HID Spotlight with 3500 Lumens

This has a shockingly focused brilliant white beam for super long distance power.

Vector Sportspot VEC 192 with 3335 Lumens

The Torch is an amazing new powerhouse that lights a wide path with 4,100 lumens.

I just created a website featuring the world's brightest flashlight. If the above flashlights are a little pricey then check out this under $100 double beam Black and Decker 20 Million Power Series 3335 Lumens Spotlight #VEC192 by Vector. Check it out at:

We have an even brighter flashlight for under $100 with 3500 lumens. It's the Vector SLH100P Power on Board HID Spotlight with 3,500Lumens for 70 Minutes. We have a limited number, so I don't know how long we'll keep this price as we've already had 3 price increases. This flashlight usually retails for more than $100.

In 2009, this Vector Power on Board HID searchlight has become almost impossible to find anywhere at any price.

If you want to pay $1000 to $2000+, you can get a flashlight slightly brighter.

Coming mid 2008, a new Brightest Flashlight in the World site.


Anonymous said...

Glen, I always thought you were a bright dude...but man, this vector has me wanting to be as bright as you.


Marcus said...

Yes, have the Vector. And must say
that this searchspot is awesome.
It is a portable sun.

Glen Woodfin said...

Hey Marcus,

The Vector Power on Board has gotten very scarce. You and I are fortunate to have one.

Sams Club had an auction with them and they sold at bargain prices. Affiliate marketers grabbed them, but now to find one is almost impossible.

I saw them go for between $15 and $250. I paid $29 for mine, but would have gladly paid $300.

Thanks for your comment!

Glen Woodfin

Stella said...

hi, man. The high power lightsaber is really pretty awesome. It is cool to light cigarette via laser pointer.

Investigation Services said...

I have always wanted to have one myself. Before when I was a child I have always wondered how lights can also be seen in clouds.

jameooo45 said...

Awesome lights. I do trust all of the suggestions you've presented for your post.