Monday, September 10, 2007

Miss Teen South Carolina vs Yellow Book

Did the Yellow Book remove the state of South Carolina from their directory on purpose after they saw Lauren Caitlin Upton in the Miss Teen USA pageant or was it because that SC has the lowest SAT scores in the nation?

Disclaimer, I have lived in South Carolina myself for the past decade.

Hey Yellow Book, could you put us back in before we go to the other book?


Sherrie Walters said...

Dear Mr. Woodfin:

Regarding your recent blog, please note that Yellow Book does in fact provide South Carolinians the ability to find local business information throughout the state.

Simply go to and type in the name or type of business you’re looking for along with the city, state or zip code. Click ‘Find it!’ and you’ll see a detailed list of businesses matching your criteria.

There are a number of additional features available to South Carolinians at, including People Search and Reverse Lookup.

We hope you’ll find an easy-to-use resource for locating businesses throughout South Carolina and across the country.

Glen Woodfin said...

Ms. Walters,

Thank you for your comments. I know that there are listings for SC at, they simply left South Carolina off their drop down list, that all. I thought it was funny, and a simple mistake. I am sure someone will correct this ommission very quickly. The Yellow Book is a powerful resource for all businesses. Their advertising works. I just thought it was a hoot and quite a coincidence. For a closeup still photo of the page to observe the absence of SC in the directory, go to:

I also feel bad for Miss Teen South Carolina, because I've been handed a mic before and it caused my head to spin, so I should make allowances for her stumbling over her words. I think that she is so perfectly gorgeous, that I relished in her faults. I'd be lucky to feed her dog while she's on vacation.

The South Carolina SAT scores do bother me greatly as a tax paying SC resident. I used to be a public school teacher in high school & middle school and it breaks my heart that my state hasn't made any significant strides in this area. In Spartanburg, where I live, I see a brand new school on every corner. You have never seen so many new schools in your life. The problem is not in a building, the problem is in lack of leadership both in schools and at home in my opinion.

We also suffer from a top three statistic of female abuse in the nation. It's down right embarrassing.

Another malady is the amount of litter that locals toss out. I have a couple hundred yards of road frontage and I used to pick up 17 gallons of trash every two weeks along my property. I look down and I see trash. I look up and I see the mountains. It kills me that the locals disgrace this gorgeous state. I used to mow and pick up the trash along the road, but I've given up because it's just too much. It also gives my riding lawnmower flat tires from all the broken beer bottles.

Who can forget the commercials 30 years ago on TV where the Indian paddles his canoe through tons of trash, then we get a closeup of a tear running down his face.