Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lower Your Blood Pressure without Drugs for Free

There are many drug free ways to lower one's blood pressure, but one caught my eye while being advertised on TV. The electronic device called "Resperate" is supposed to lower your blood pressure naturally without drugs or side effects. I went to Internet immediately to investigate further.
After watching a short video on the reasons this little electronic device used for 15 minutes, several times a week, I began to understand why it lowers your blood pressure. Actually, the device doesn't lower your blood pressure, but changing your breathing habbits can. The video quoted some of the biggest names in medical journals that back up their claim. I believe that if you use this device faithfully, you will lower your blood pressure, but save your money because all the device does is helps you lower your breathing rate voluntarily.

Typically, an average person's breathing rate is around 15 or more breaths per minute, but studies show that with a slower breathing rate of under 10 per minute will actual help one lower their blood pressure. All the device does is calculate your current breathing rate and then matches it to different tones for inhaling and exhaling, then it gradually slows the frequency of the tones hoping you'll breathe along with the tones.

The device is fine, but my goodness gracious...the $300 price tag is enough to shoot your blood pressure through the roof. Hm, should I spend $300 on a tone generator with variable cadence or should I just take time out to relax and take deeper, slower breaths. For a little more than $300, you can buy the most advanced piece of consumer electronics to hit the planet, the iPhone. Just read what a iPhone can do at: You can change the world from a prison cell with an iPhone, literally. You could make millions of dollars without leaving your cell.

It reminds me of a great Bud Light beer commercial I saw years ago comparing one computer game that had the most cutting edge effects in world where one was tranfixed with the sites and sounds of battle where you actually beleived you were there, then they quieted the screen and said "...or, you can have Blip." The screen then showed a slow paced game like the original "Pong" where you move a small bar back and forth across the screen hoping that the ball would bounce off your paddle. A knob was all you controlled. Resperate is a "Blip" in my mind.

Top 20 ways to lower your blood pressure naturally:
1. eat more cold water deep ocean fish with omega 3
2. reduce your salt intake (salt attracts water- more water in your veins adds pressure)
3. increase the magnesium in your diet
4. increase the potassium in your diet (Can't reduce salt? Potassium can still lower pressure)
5. reduce alcohol consumption
6. eat more garlic
7. exercise
8. take Yoga classes
9. reduce the caffeine in your diet (coffee, tea and Coke)
10. replace the oils in you diet with flax seed oil and extra virgin olive oil (oils with Omega 3s)
11. reduce the saturated fats in your diet like red meat
12. drop margarine because they bubble hydrogen through it making it a fake saturated fat
13. some say more calcium in one's diet can lower your blood pressure as well
14. laughter
15. singing
16. have a forgiving heart, don't hold grudges
17. have faith
18. hugs
19. have a hobby
20. give affection to your pet often

Have you seen the commercials that have a baby laughing non stop? Then, at the end of the commercial, they say laughing can add 8 years to your life like in this AIG commercial:

I found an excellent article on how to lower my cholesterol the natural way. The author suggests:
a. Niacin (B3 supplements) - can cause facial flushing - timed release may help this symptom.
b. Artichoke Leaf - my slow your body's natural cholesterol production
c. Soluble Fiber - add stables like oatmeal to your diet as it can bind with some fats
d. Plant Sterols and Stanols - the Japanese possibly have lower cholesterol with soy bean diet
e. Policosanol supplements
g. Garlic
i. Pantothine supplements
My assumption is that their would be less plaque with less cholesterol and the less plaque would ease blood pressure.
As always, ask your doctor before you make any changes, especially if you are taking medicines as some medicines cause reactions.

I'd bet good money that a deep tissue massage would also ease the stress, cortisol and high blood pressure in your life. Give yourself the gift of massage therapy.
Live long and prosper.

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Patrick said...

hmm the resperate doesn't sound as good, since it "hopes" that a person breathes with the tone that it makes. and yeah, the price will get your blood pressure high haha!