Saturday, December 15, 2007

Apple Releases New Safari 3 Browser for Microsoft Windows

Browser Speed Comparisons - Apple's Safari 3 Leaves the Others in the Dust
Safari 3 browser now works with Microsoft Windows PCs! Not only does it work, but browsing is twice as fast as Microsoft's IE 7 browser. I just downloaded it and it's amazing how much faster pages pop up when surfing. It takes about 3 minutes to download a free copy, so why not check it out. One can have several browsers on their PC at the same time with no confict.

Also, the highly regarded Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta is available now as well for Windows, Macs and Linux based systems. This browser gets more praise than does the IE 7 browser, though I must admit the IE 7 browser is much more stable than any of their previos releases. Why not try them all. At least use Safari 3 for faster browsing and IE 7 when you're doing your banking as some financial portals insist you use IE 7 to do your transactions.

A couple of years ago, I might have recommended Opera browsers, but since they're the slowest of the top browsers, I can't see any reason you'd want to use it. It is a very clean browser, but too slow.

Go ahead and try a new browser, they are all free downloads.

Download the Safari browser click here.

Update: I have been using 4 browsers:

1. Opera
2. IE 7
3. Firefox
4. Safari

Safari may be fast but it makes some pages look odd, so in spite of the fact I was enthusiatic about it working with Window, I still think it's going to take more time before it displays a page as consistently as IE 7.

Firefox is great, I use it when I want the best security. For general surfing, I still use the IE 7 browser. I wanted to get away from it because it's a Microsoft product and I don't trust Microsoft with security, but IE 7 is leaps ahead of IE 6. So, my hat is off to Microsoft to my surprise.

New Thoughts: I've now been using the Safari browser for a few months now after I had written the announcements above. I prefer both the IE7, IE8 Beta and the Firefox over the Safari. The reason is that the browser rearranges the elements on many webpages making things confusing. For example, photos will appear on top of written words, as where, the page displays properly on the other browsers.

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