Friday, December 7, 2007

NBC Spits on the American Troops- Boycott NBC & GE Products

NBC refuses to run this paid ad by thanking our troops for protecting America. My God, just watch the ad and you'll see that you should stop watching NBC and write a letter to Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO, parent company of NBC.

I remember when I was a child, I watched Walter Cronkite describe the war in Viet Nam with pictures of explosions on a map behind him representing the battles of the day and wondered if I too would have to go to war when I grew up. I never had to, but now, those that have the freedom to enjoy their life safely on American soil, do nothing but trash the soldiers that defend our country every day.

NBC, who has freedom of the press, abuses that privelege and spits in the eye of military families that have given their children's lives for them to have that freedom. I call for the firing of anyone involved with the rejection of this paid ad at NBC. I call for the boycott of anyone advertising on NBC. I call for the boycott of all GE products. Jeffrey Immelt is going to have a lot of red ink on his watch. How I wish Jack Welsh was still at the helm.

What has happened to America? How did ungrateful people get to the positions of leadership in our country while being of such sorry character.

Please voice your complaints to NBC:

NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112

NBC Contact Page:

Here is the General Electric Contact Information page:

I thank the American troops for facing danger every day. I thank the American troops that have bullets ripping past them while Jack Immelt, Mark Cuban and the NBC executives sit around on their ungrateful butts and do nothing for this country. I thank the mothers and fathers of the troops who have lost their children in battle or now have a permanently injured child from the war. I thank the children who are growing up without parents that have been lost in the war. These people have disgraced our country and do not deserve the freedoms they have.

Boycott anything Mark Cuban produces.

Boycott NBC and MSNBC.

Boycott GE stock and products.

For the Associated Press Wire on this story:

Boycott NBC

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