Thursday, December 20, 2007 - My Story

I had a frustrating experience with, but since they worked with me to resolve my issues, I felt comfortable removing the 2000 word posting.

Instead, I'll leave you with a few juicy bits below about how Google is chomping at the bit to destoy paid blog advertisers and the like. To read about it, check out the Matt Cutts blog, he has the inside scoop:

The big question is will Google try to destoy competitors through unfair business practices? There is a lot of evidence that they will. is a competitor of Google. There is evidence that Google is going to hurt a lot of people so they can keep their financial gravy train as if they didn't already have enough. My prediction is that Google will be hit with the same struggles that Microsoft has gone through when it comes to unfair business practices. Google will deserve everything the public and the regulators throw at them. Funny thing is, they won't change, it's inevitable as they appear to be drunk with there success and are getting wreckless.

It's like in the AdSense ads, Google was the only one that unfairly advertised their Google Checkout cart with colorful icons, everyone else had to stay with one color. When I saw that, I saw color all right....RED!

They have also started putting their Google Local before everyone else's natural listings. They are even paying people $10 per business entry to get every business in America listed. When they do, you can be sure they'll use it to control everyone to march like lemmings in lockstep.

I'll be writing a blog entry soon on exactly how Google is going to go after their competition and how & why it's going to backfire on them.

Subscribe to this blog because I'm going to be releasing a plan to fight back.


Regina Thomas said...

The original six entries for $5.00 apiece caused the problem with SERPS?

Did anyone ever take you up on the $75.00 offer? You indicated you were not able to increase the offer to $135.00.

Those taking $5.00 posts most likely did not have a high PR to begin with. I am surprised you were happy with the results in terms of SERPs in the first place?

Can you offer your opp numbers? I am researching how all of this works.

Mr_Ilham said...

thank you

Glen Woodfin said...

In answer to Regina Thomas's question: I think only 3 of the 5 posties took down their posts. I was disappointed in how they dug their heels in. It surprised me because I offered them money. 3 were very understanding.