Monday, November 12, 2007

Many Social Bookmarking Services Not Ready for Prime Time

Bookmaking services on the web have made their mark. Not only can you save all your favorite sites online so that you can pull them up from any computer in the world, you can also make them public so that others can benefit from your selections as well. If you are following a guru online and if they have made their favorite bookmarks public, you can follow in their virtual steps to find what their research has led to. This can save you gobs of time. That's why they call if social bookmarking.

I found a directory of the most popular social bookmarking services and was shocked to discover that a huge percentage is either defunct or not functioning at the moment.

Good Social Bookmarking sites:

2. ma.gnolia
3. Blinklist
4. StumbleUpon
5. Digg

The Worst Bookmarking Sites (the sites were not even functional or we got continuous error codes when we tried to sign up):

2. Excites
3. linkatopia
4. Linkroll
5. Looklater
6. Shadows
7. unalog This site says: "Registration is currently disabled while we finalize mezzanine funding."

Good luck to all. It's a dog eat dog world.

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