Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why Hollywood Hates America- the Dirty Secret

It has frustrated many Americans as to why Hollywood's elite put out propaganda films that put Americans in a disgusting slant. They say to themselves, don't they understand their freedoms to say what they say was bought with the price of precious soldiers and yet they get to wallow in their millions yet get a big microphone to spit all over America like it's the cool thing to do. It's like street cred.

The reason they do it has little to do with their political beliefs and everything to do with their wallets. In many segments of movie sales statistics, foreign gross sales dominate domestic profits. For reference, check out the Reuter's "Hollywood, foreign movie theaters at odds on DVDs" article. One interested in this topic should, do some sniffing around on movie industry stats and they'll see why many directors and producers sell out America for money. Of course, some underlings like b-list actors and the like stand with the liberals because they are afraid that they won't get any work. If someone in the industry doesn't walk in lock step, then they get blacklisted. The power brokers will see to it that they'll "never work in this town again." The puppet masters will continue to repress independant and conservative film industry workers until the money runs out or they have their freedom to do what they want taken away. Then, they'll regret that they put the grease to the destruction of their own country.

Look at Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte & Naomi Campbell kissing the butt of pending dictator Hugo Chavez. Even as he destroys a free press in his country of Venezuela, these fine American's are over there in worship of him. It's cool to be a communist dictator's friend. The Hollywood liberals talk free speech and free thought, but in reality, they'd do anything within their power to detroy the careers of anyone who thinks differently from them.

To illustrate this further, just look at the constant tactics of the far left when anyone conservative speaks their thoughts in public. They shout them down and disrupt any possibility for others to hear a different perspective. They preach tolerance and acceptance, but they are often the most violent and controlling of all movements. Their hypocracy is blatant, but they are so brainwashed and desperately want to be accepted by their peers that they cave in to independant thoughts. Code Pink is another example of this. They think that any disruption is justified. To most they appear like brainwashed puppets. They just chant whatever their leader tells them to.

Cindy Sheehan, anti-war protester was the darling of the far left until she expressed some of her true feelings, then they abandoned her when she no longer spouted out whatever they told her to say.

It's all about the money. For example, Hillary Clinton, didn't want to come out and criticize lobbying groups like MoveOn.org when they ran a full page ad calling General Petraus- General Betray Us, but she was so afraid to have the money cut off that she pooped all over one of the finest patriots in our country. Just follow the money in Hollywood and follow the money in politics. Hillary embraces the money part not for the money as much as she speculates that the money will buy her power. Hillary will sell military secrets if she thinks it will buy her the Presidency. Bill Clinton sold us out by granting tons of access to the Chinese many of which spent many a night in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House, under testimony the Chinaman said he had a list of favors that he expected Bill Clinton to provide for the donations. That's why Hillary Clinton set up all these illegals campaign contributions from dishwashers from Chinatown. All this money was funneling through them under the radar. The Hill-Billy's have a clear history of this pattern. The Hillary Clinton/ Norman Shu scandal is just case in point in a long history of under the table backroom deals for money and power. Hillary Clinton would sell out America if she could just sit her buttocks in the Oval office seat.

Hillary will do anything for power. Anything.

Don't believe it? Just watch some of these videos on YouTube.com that tell the story with complete documentary footage. In particular watch the Peter Paul compaign coverup. On one video, Hillary Clinton tells how she is able to do unscrupulous things, then be the Teflon woman. One of the secrets she reveals on the film is to never leave an e-mail trail.

The Hollywood elite and the far left politicians sell out America for a brief moment where they believe they'll have the 15 minutes of fame in the history of world. They believe like Moussalini, that it's "better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand as a lamb," so screw America.

Opinions by Glen Woodfin

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