Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brightest Flashlight in the World for Under $150

I'm a flashlight fanatic, and for about a year, I've been trying to find the world's brightest flashlight at an affordable price.

Here is my recommendation.


This flashlight has been discontinued by Black and Decker which bought out Vector, so it's very hard to find a new one anywhere at any price.

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Don said...

Does the area the flashlight shines on go any wider? Is it adjustable I mean? Because it seems like it has a very narrow width of the beam?

Glen Woodfin said...

Hey Don,

Great Question.

The beam of the Vector Power on Board HID Spotlight is tightly focused so it's more of a spotlight than an every day flashlight. Very few flashlights even come close to the distance of the this unit.

I do have another video showing it's beam width up close:


At the top of the page, it says: "Flashlight Video Comparison"
Click on those words above the YouTube video to see a demo of your question answered.

It's the part where I show my cat up close just a few feet away from me. So, it does have a lot of width up close, but the contrast is so great that it's tight beam dominates the illumination.

You are very observant.

Personally, I like to have both. I use the Torch by Wicked Lasers when I want a super wide beam and the Vector when I'm searching for something in the distance or when I want to scare away someone with bad intent.

The Vector Power on Board HID Spotlight has weapon like tactical power.

Feel free to call me with questions at:

206 337 0420

Search Engine Optimisation said...

great question indeed.

Motorcycle Jackets said...

Why does light dispurse? is it because of interference? for example, when you shine a flashlight at wall that is farther away, why is the appearance duller?

Wicked Tickets said...

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Bless Sms said...

yah i am agree with it that,the Vector Power on Board HID Spotlight has weapon like tactical power.

Love Sms said...

Exactly the area the flashlight shines on go any wider..

Glen Woodfin said...

The beam has a tight focus. It is excellent for long distance searches.

The 70 minute runtime at full power is remarkable.