Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Get Tons of FREE Traffic and Leads to Your Website

About two months ago, I was watching YouTube at 4 a.m. and I found a group of very average people getting extraordinary marketing results without paying a dime.

Enjoy my "Attraction Marketing" video here.

These marketers were using web 2.0 social media sites to market their businesses. They were making the most of all the traffic that is found on MySpace, Facebook and above all, YouTube.

One of the characteristics of their YouTube videos was that they weren't charismatic, but they were very sincere and straight forward. I trusted them in a very short amount of time.

They kept throwing out the phrase, "attraction marketing." They claimed a new day has dawn for many people that constantly have pressure on the to drum up new clients. They assured me that if I would expose my head and heart to the public on social media sites, that I could get leads calling me rather than me chasing down people in hopes of a sale.

These peaceful gurus shared that new age concept termed the "law of attraction" where we attract that which we a commited to. That which we are seeking is also seeking us simultaneously.

I can't speak of all the voodoo, but I've already been getting remarkable results after just a handful of videos. One has already gotten about 6,000 views which has lead to a bunch of flashlight sales.

Check it out my first YouTube video where I share my attraction marketing ideas.


Angela Wills said...

Hi Glen,
Thanks for the blog comment!

I've just started doing more video myself. I played around with video a year or so ago but never really had a marketing plan for it but now I really see the power of just letting people get to know you through video.

Great video you have and wow that is one powerful looking flashlight!

Had a look at your site and it's great. I love hearing success stories from others, especially stories like Holly Mann's since I'm a single mom as well.

Anyway, take care and hope to chat with you again :)


Trevor said...

Hi Glen! Great post...

I haven't really gotten into video marketing too much myself. If you don't mind, post more information on it! So far I've liked your blog a lot- you've got a interesting perspective.

Terri said...

Glen: I really enjoyed your video. I think you have hit on a really viable way to market goods and services. I am new to the online store and trying to find ways to spread the word to get more traffic. This could be a great way to let people know I am out there. Looking forward to an opportunity to chat.