Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Condo Vultures: Rich Meyer Real Estate Guru Scam?

Rich Meyer
Richard Brett Meyer Arrested
Recently the name Rich Meyer, a real estate investor trainer, has been brought to my attention by a man whom I have known to have impeccable integrity for nearly a decade. He says he bought a course on how to get your share of surplus funds at court houses throughout America from Mr. Meyer. One of his students invested in Rich Meyer's product only to be disappointed. In fact, I have read emails from Rich Meyer saying he owed his student a refund and would be paying him, but that has now stretched out into months on end. Now, Rich Meyer, won't even return calls. I also have called him to get his side of the story and not suprisingly, he doesn't return my call. I welcome a call from Rich Meyer at 206-202-8023 to tell me his side of the story and he is welcome to publish his comments below. Bare in mind, whatever he says, I have read his emails where he says he is going to refund this trusting student's money, but never did. Can I say for sure whether Rich Meyer is a scammer or just broke? No. But after reading his own emails to my friend, I can tell he is avoiding the problem. I see that on Condo Vultures (, he continues to pursue new students to take his training. I don't know real estate guru Rich Meyer, but I'd have to think twice before I parted with my money for one of his seminars. If a real estate investment club books him as a speaker, show them this blog post and have them contact me 24/7 at my number above. If anyone books Rich Meyer, RE Foreclosure Auction seminar trainer, then do so at your own risk.

Update: Rich Meyer Arrested in Mortgage Fraud Case

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