Saturday, June 25, 2011

Free Auto Pinger | Automatic Pinger

If you've ever heard of blog and ping then you might have uncovered one of the secrets why blogs are loved by Google. If a blog is well established, then if you make a post, the rss and atom feeds go to work notifying the search engines that there is fresh content on this new post. Sometimes the new content will be indexed by Google in a matter of minutes. The Googlebot will visit your new post and scan your content, then make a cache page for the index; therefore making your new post appear in the search engines. Otherwise, your new post is like a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear the sound.

The RSS (really simple syndication) ping system is built in to the WordPress blog system by default. It notifies Ping-o-Matic which in turn notifies up to over 20 ping services.

The Atom feed has to be turned on in the WordPress Dashboard before it will start working. You can sign in to your Dashboard (WordPress admin or back office), then look in the left margin for the heading: 'Setting', then click on it to open several other options under it. You must click on the 'Writing' link. Scroll down near the bottom of that page untill you see the 'Enable the Atom Publishing Protocol' option. Put a check mark in the box next to it and then make sure you click the save button to finalize your choice.

Here is the Auto Pinger Script (Get both the word, javascript and () including the code in between).

You can also get the automatic pinging script here: as a txt file.

If you click on the title to any of my blog posts, you'll go to what is called the 'Permalink' page. On those post pages, I have enabled over 15 different feeds. I'm a feed freak with the philosophy that the more feeds, the better.

I've enabled at least 5 feeds on static pages like the home page and the bio page.

I never met a feed I didn't like.

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The actual YouTube video at the top of this post is found here: Auto Pinger script.


dquote fatan said...

I can`t configure it out to work in my blog, can you help me in any way?

Glen Woodfin said...

The auto pinger doesn't work in your 'blog'. It runs in a Firefox Browser only.

Once you create the bookmark in your Firefox browser as shown in the video, you go the page you wish to ping, once there, you hit the Pinger bookmark button your created.

Hope that helps!

Glen Woodfin said...

Another solution is to go to:

Then, add the url of the page you wish to ping.

Blogging said...

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