Monday, October 10, 2011

Secret Obama Insult from an American Manufacturer

Businesses all across the United States are in complete agreement that Obama is completely clueless and in over head rowning in his own lack of understanding of the world and the economy; therefore, American entrepreneurship is striking back in clever ways.


Anonymous said... check this out- it was about bush not obama.

Glen Woodfin said...

Since Tom Bihn doesn't know who wrote it, then Snopes is wrong again. If Mr. Bihn didn't write it, then he can't know who it was directed to.

Since it's written in French, they could have been talking about Jacque Chirac, the French leader at the time.

Some attribute it to George Bush which is fine with me since he destoyed America with the Patriot Act which was written before 911 in 1995. The Patriot Act was not written to fight terrorism, it was created to destroy the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights to keep American citizens under the boot of a police state.

Attributing it to Obama fits as well as he's commited to the destruction of our Consitution and Bill of Rights exponentially.