Monday, April 4, 2011

Irwin Kangaroo - Paralyzed Animal Saves Suicidal Woman from Depression, Beth Anne Wilkening to Decide Fate

Meet Irwin kangaroo who broke his neck in an accident and is now paralyzed. Enter Christie Carr, a woman that tried to commit suicide recently and is now saying the precious roo saved her from depression and suicide.

The City of Broken Arrow is giving resistance to this touching tale and may invoke code violations and end this once in a lifetime story. Who is pushing to end this fairytale? Could it be the City Attorney of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Beth Anne Wilkening? Even though this is a heartwarming saga of everything that is right with the world, let's hope that Beth Anne doesn't want to kill it in Broken Arrow.

Will Beth Anne Wilkening determine the pet must go without regard to the inspiration that this poor helpless pet has given to millions?

If you support Irwin Kangaroo and Christie Carr, email the Broken Arrow City Attorney here: and call her office at: 918-259-2400 extention 5425. Let them know how you feel.

Here is the response of Broken Arrow's City Attorney to me after pleading for an exception for the paralyzed kangaroo, Irwin:

Mr. Woodfin: Thank you for your input into this matter. I can assure you that City representatives are fully researching all issues pertaining to Irwin and will be relying on the assistance of veterinarians specializing in exotic animals. The Council will undoubtedly weigh the needs of Irwin and his owner with the safety of the public at large. Thank you again for your comments. Should you need anything further, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

Beth Anne Wilkening


Beth Anne Wilkening is advising that a special Exotic Animal Review Commitee be established?

Beth Anne Wilkening...ARE YOU KIDDING?

Please tell me you are kidding? Do you have nothing else to do. Has the Peter Principle kicked in?


Skip Serpico said...

I'm glad to see someone else blogging about this story. Your thoughts on the whole situation are refreshing.

I think the entire Irwin situation is a complex one with many things to be considered. But I appreciate your take.

(if you're interested here's my take)

Glen Woodfin said...

Skip, my biggest thing is I thought it's pathetic that the City of Broken Arrow made such a big deal of little gods deciding the fate of a paralyzed kangaroo.

How about a little respect for private property and someone's personal choices?

It reminds me of the TSA molesting our children and adults for our safety when all a terrorist has to do is insert a butt bomb and all their fondling in the world wouldn't detect it.